Plasma Cutting

Clints Portable Welding and Fabrication has been the number one plasma cutting company in Kansas for over 43 years. And with our high definition cutting capabilities, we serve a wide range of industries including mining, aerospace, military, agriculture, among others.
And if you need machine components for your lifting equipment, frame rails, truck cranes, and more, we have them.
For more information about our plasma cutting services give us a call today or send a message.

Iron Works

Are seeking a dependable iron works expert to build your gate, iron fence, customized rails, or a spiral staircase?
Or maybe you need a classy wrought iron door or fireplace?
Take to Clints Portable Welding and Fabrication for the best iron work services. Our iron works experts have over 4 decades of experience and can handle even the hardest tasks.
To schedule your iron works project, get in touch with us today. And as always, we’ll bring our services to you.

Ornamental Iron

Clints Portable Welding and Fabrication stocks top-quality unique ornamental iron to complement your building’s architecture. Better still, ornamental iron that will make your home more secure and valuable.
Regardless of your style, taste, or preference is, we have a one-of-a-kind, classy ornamental iron for your commercial or residential place.

Structural Welding

Clints Portable Welding and Fabrication has the tools and experience to handle all your structural welding needs. From base plates, columns, beams, among others, we can handle them all.

Pipe Welding

The pipe welders at Clints Portable Welding and Fabrication are certified and can handle all projects big or small. Whether yours is carbon steel, launcher skids, or stainless steel, we have the tools to handle them.

Build & Repair Steel Tanks

For all your steel tanks building and repair needs, contact Clints Portable Welding and fabrication today. Our experts boast of years of experience and can build, repair, coat, or reconstruct all steel tanks big or small.

Repair Heavy Equipment & Farm Equipment

Has your commercial equipment suddenly stopped working and you have too much to handle?
Or maybe your farm equipment has lost its optimum performance?
Call Clints Portable Welding and Fabrication experts today for the best on-site services. Our experts will come to your location and handle the repairs fast so you can resume your operations.

Welding on Cars, Trucks, Trailers

If you are searching for customized parts for your car, truck, semi-trailer, or trailer, contact Clints Portable Welding and Fabrication today. With us, we guarantee fast services and lower costs for the highest quality pieces.